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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 28, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> a family in a community in mourning tonight, that after a man who was known for his kindness and generosity guys in the hospital. police say that someone shot him and other members of his family. this is video of what the shooting happened early wednesday morning along 47th avenue in oakland. someone open fire on the family while they were helping those that were less fortunate the man's wife who was recovering from home gunshot wounds talked with us. >> and then i heard three or four shots and we all went down like this. >> she is prescribing a terrifying scene her family were the victims of a drive- by shooting that killed her husband paris and john, as they were passing out food to be homeless in east oakland. >> that is when i open my eyes as all the blood on the window. i looked over at my husband and a bullet in his
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head, my three year-old guy shot, the bullet went through her front are now back, and bless her heart, she was still asleep. the grays her hair, her hair is going right through here i have the geled so you cannot see it. i had some pain and i did not see anything on my sweater and i thought so this is in tents,--this is intense. i was praying and praying, i said helpless lord god. i still had my eyes closed laying down and i said are you guys ok? and they started screaming and i told the kids to be quiet. i kept trying to shake him and said are you ok? he was breathing so i thought he was fine. >> she says when she lost paris she lost more than a
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husband. >> he left and he was my only friend, that is the only friend i had. >> two men beat up an american airlines pilot after one of them was kicked off a flight headed for san francisco and brothers jonathan baez and luis baez these are their pictures, they're now being held for attacking a pilot at miami international airport wednesday night. we have photographs and this is how the situation unfolded. >> the flight was leaving miami and headed for san francisco the flight attendant noticed one of the man was sleeping, now wearing a seatbelt and appeared to be intoxicated or on drugs. when the pilot and attended will come up and ask him to be off the plane that is when the situation escalated they say that jonathan baez punched a pilot in his face and hit the flight attendant that was trying to help. witnesses say at that point he got out of control and his brother luis baez doing
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in bond jumping the pilot in chasing him in the terminal. a few passengers were able to intervene and hold the brothers down until the police arrive. the pilot suffered injury to his face along with blurred vision and may suffer permanent damage. at 6:00 p.m. we will hear from the passengers on that flight and get their first accounts of what happened. >> and northern california woman is accused of threatening to blow up the plane. police arrested her at the philadelphia airport yesterday. authorities say that she threaten the flight crew and passengers saying that she would blow the plane. the flight was headed from london to philadelphia there is no word on what prompted her statements which reportedly include references to osama bin laden. >> here is another airline issue, southwest say they kicked a woman off of a flight yesterday in oakland. the woman and her sister who also left the plane say it is because the woman was crying too loudly. the sisters say they are upset because they were flying to
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visit their ailing father who is fighting to stay alive. >> i was calling my eyes out, i was clearly upset i never said one thing to another passenger, i kept myself i did not even have a glass of wine, or any trends on the plane. maybe someone made a prejudgment about where i was coming from that point i sensed some tension with the store is and i thought something would happen and knowing that i heard about things happening like this before i was not necessarily surprised when they pulled me aside and said we will have someone talk to you i certainly did not think it would go this far i thought they will listen to our side of the story. >> southwest released a statement saying in part, there was a verbal exchange between the flight attendant and one of the sisters, officials are ready on the director or report from the flight attendant, one of the
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sisters was be deemed unfit to fly. how southwest did put them up in an oakland hotel and food into their dallas destination on the next flight there which was this morning. >> new information and the case of a man that was shot and killed while running from the police in the bay view section of san francisco. officers say scientific tests to prove the suspect's own gun was the one that killed him. j.r. stone has the new details. >> this is kenneth harding, you have seen his mug shot before he is the man that was running from officers in the bay view area of town almost two weeks ago when he was shot and killed. since that time there have been protests, rallies, community meetings. people have said that this was a case of police brutality. thursday police released scientific evidence showing that the bullet that you are looking at the one that was found inside his head came from this gun. a gun that is seen in this video and one that
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was later recovered by the police. officers have said all along he fired shots at them as they ran away--as he ran away. this links the bullet to the non police officer gunned scientifically. reporting in san francisco i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >> a man is being called a hero tonight after registering a father and his young daughter from a swimming pool. it had been near miller avenue the man is reluctant to been called a hero, but authorities say that a tragedy was averted think his split-second actions. >> the unidentified father and daughter had been playing here at the shallow end of the pool while the girls mother and friends and sat in a nearby hot tub of this townhome complex a little before 9:00 p.m.. for one of the friends notice that the sound of the two of them playing in the pool had stopped and then she got to
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investigate. >> you notice a shadow of the deep end of the pool, he immediately swim over and saw them at the bottom of the pulled together. he immediately drove down and pull them out one at a time. >> a neighbor that lived at this town house ran out at the sound of the commotion and then scaled the 7 ft. high fence. >> jumped right in and started cpr on the child. >> the guy, his eyes were rolled up and he was breathing but he was breathing with difficulty. >> all of them together successfully revived at the daughter and father prior to 911 even getting there. >> san jose fire said the quick response to those of the pool especially the unidentified friend was crucial. >> had he not been there is went to the bottom of the cool and pull them out they would not be here today. >> both the father and daughter were treated at a nearby hospital and released. new details in san
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francisco voters will not see the circumcision ban on the ballot this november. today the superior court struck down that measure, the presiding judge said that the ban was pre-empted by a state law concerning medical procedures. it would punish people that circumcise their minor, with a fine of $1,000 or up to one year in jail. >> this was a very hot topic today, let us check out some of the comments. a lot of people left comments like this one.
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when it >> we but like to know you think, visit our kron4 facebook fan page to read about the court's decision and leave your comments. [music] >> a live look outside this afternoon, sunny skies in san jose and warm temperatures, currently sitting at 80 degrees this evening will be pretty nice. upper 50s as you head out the door tomorrow morning and warming back up into the 80's tomorrow. a look at our current satellite picture. as you can see down here a few breaks in the fog but it is still hanging tough. current conditions closer to the coastline are cooler as a result. places like san francisco are only 62 degrees but down the peninsula, we have
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temperatures in the '70s, '80s in the south bay and 80s and low 90s for the east south bay. coastal fog will spill over into the bay tomorrow morning. the fog should clear back temperatures are very similar but we have a cooling trend i will have details coming up. >> new at 5:00 p.m. and a wall soldier accused of plotting a deadly attack on a military base how authorities stopped the plan of a man who said religion told him to carry out the violence. and a woman who burglarize a popular game show host appears in court and what alex trebek may have to undergo surgery because of his ordeal. and a
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california mother shoos her own daughter after a bizarre mix of how the one mistake a gun for a cigarette lighter just ahead.
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who >> the army says that in a wall soldier has committed to planning an attack on fort hood in texas. these muslim american he made headlines last year when he said his religious beliefs prevent him from going to war. >> this is the texas motel where the authorities closed in on the 21 year-old on wednesday they were after him because he was a wall and charged with possessing child pornography. the had word from a gun shop employee that he was buying up a lot of things and asking of questions. still, what they found a surprise them. >> during the investigation suspicious materials were located in his hotel room. it is anticipated that charges will be filed. >> they found a shotgun shell ammunition and what it
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considered to be material for making a bomb, including a lot of gun power--pwder. he made headlines last year when he said he was a conscientious objector in would not go to war. >> the consequences i would face in refusing are much less than what i would face if i go. i do not think i could live with myself if i deployed. >> 2009, 14 people died worst murdering ever had a base. they say he did his gun shopping at the same local gun store that the other hand. >> just last week he told reporters that he was concerned about his safety and thinking about buying a gun to protect himself and
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had not done so yet he claimed. a new development in the sexual assault trial of morin jeffs, he says he has hired his attorneys he wants to represent himself and the judge says that that is okay. the prosecutor says he will present an audio recording of him raping a 12 year old and show that the 55 year-old man impregnated a 15 year-old. another one of the teenagers who survived a grizzly bear attack has come home to his family. the family were delighted to see him this 17 year-old arrived at new york what your airport. he was one of the teenagers in alaska and a wilderness training school when the bear attacked their hiking or trip last weekend. he says that will not keep him out of the wild. >> it will take some time i look forward to getting back out into the wilderness maybe not in alaska. >> and several of his friends were hurt, but the teams were credited for using their emergency training to help each other.
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>> warmer weather continues as we head into tomorrow, but we will cool down into the weekend, here's a weekend at a glance. we will have fog tomorrow morning, but sunny for the afternoon. saturday little bit cooler, was still warm side for the inland valleys. it was they wanted to send it, we will see fog in the morning and then high clouds in the afternoon. once again, tomorrow morning the fog will return. so 7:00 a.m., fog down the east bay and up into the north bay. it looks like it will stay until the early afternoon more of the blue indicates clear skies off the coastline. you may see a little more son out there tomorrow coast side.
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80's and 90's in the south bay, 91 los gatos, 87 milpitas. also, a little more for the inland valleys. it is also more comfortable for our east bayshores. over to san francisco and the peninsula, we have it a little cooler on the coastline because we have the fog sticking their into the afternoon. now as for the north bay it is as follows. now here is a look your kron4 seven day around the day forecast. temperatures through the weekend are pretty close to average for this time of year. we will continue cooling until monday. the
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fog will return as we head into the end of next week. bmi and kimberlee sakamoto with today's edition of take a look it is. let us get right into a, take a look at this and surveillance video, it is in ohio. you can see there are two men trying to break into the gas station, they have a tire iron they're trying to break down the glass door. no one is in the store but they did none of people watching them, the alarm company was watching the live surveillance video the call the police and look to them, they were attempting both doors. they could not get through, just as they were about to give up the police stepped end arrested the two of them. now take a look at the severe flooding in michigan actually, right now we have video of this rare silver least monkeyed getting some extra attention at the zoo, she was born on july 3rd but her mother had trouble holding her properly to nurse, so the zookeeper's
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have been bottle feeding this on to bundle of joy while letting her skin a lot of time with her family so that they can bond together. silver leaf monkeys are a rare species from asia they are born orange, but they become silver as they much work. more news after the break.
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>> the high speed bay area chase came with a surprise was the suspect vehicle was stopped. they were also suspects in east palo alto and colorado with the car that they were driving was registered to one of the murder suspects. it started about 7:50 p.m. last night in the fremont area and from there it went all over. take a look. several fopolice officers join the pursuit and then they went this way. and in the past livermore, the police helicopters joined the chase about seven
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out hour. the speeds were not really fast, but they're moving, then they headed toward interstate 5. as you can see, the police had to put out a spike the strip, they did that once they reached the valley and they stop here and that is when there were taken into custody after 9:00 p.m. last night. no injuries and the police are not releasing any other details about the chase. more than 100 m.p.h., this was a serious high- speed chase, we will take a short break and be right back. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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>> why republicans are fighting other republicans now, and how the whole mess 90 might not be as hopeless as some say. now a preview of how the newly traded carlos baltran could knock the san francisco giants back into the world
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series. now does this look like a cigarette lighter to you? a california woman also and ended up shooting her own daughter.
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>> it is really republican versus republican in the house of representatives tonight. banner abruptly postponed his proposal the house a boat was set for about two hours ago, but he cannot round up the 216 republican votes needed. hard-line conservatives are holding out for even deeper cuts, and democrats say that speaker boehner is wasting precious time. >> of i did not say i was perfect and no one in my caucus thinks it is perfect. >> the white house thinks differently. >> dead on arrival. >> the majority harry reid has no doubt about its fate in the senate. >> it will be defeated. >> of there are signs that
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two sides might be working on a compromise. there is a considerable overlap between brainer his plan and one that senator harry reid offer this week. both take into account the following. >> magic things can happen in congress under the right circumstances. >> to help sweeten the deal, the good humor man showed up to pass out free ice-cream bars. there was no charge for republicans, democrats, libertarians, or those in the two-party the only exception, those working on a compromise until there is a deal, no street. >> if you're confused about the debt debate, you are not alone. this is become one of the top discussant on the internet look of this.
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anything including the word debt ceiling jumped 230% last week. >> the woman accused of burglarizing the san francisco hotel room of the game show host alex trebek made her first appearance in court today. we were there and here is what happened. >> her this 56 year-old appeared in court wearing an orange jumpsuit, and she appeared tired and walk with a live on her left leg. her rain meant was so that she could find a public defense attorney. she is charged with being in possession of stolen property and the d.a. says the charge was levied because the victims were in the hotel room at the time of the burglary. they said her bill at $605,000 because of her prior convictions she was convicted of first-degree burglary in 1990 and 1991. the took place in san francisco and she spent time in state prison for each conviction she is available
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for the three strike a sentence if she is charged. >> i our office as a separate review to determine whether or not this new case will be charged as a third strike of fans, so that determination has not been made at this time. >> lawyer--moyers has been ordered to stay 100 yds away from a alex trebek and the other victim in this case. >> am grant county sheriff's deputy will be laid to rest mont. officer jim matheson was shot and killed last week and petaluma he was at a friend's home dealing with a domestic dispute. the memorial service will be open to the public. grant lotus joins us now to show us where the service will be held and tells you how to prepare for the traffic. >> about 1000 people are
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expected to attend his service at the veterans memorial auditorium it starts at 11:00 a.m. and will probably go on for about five hours. officials are expecting heavy traffic on 101. there also expecting problems on north santa --san pedro rd. they say traffic will be dad on civic center drive where heavy foot traffic is expected and cars will not be allowed to park on a certain stretch of the road between 6:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.. what does this mean? if you are not attending a memorial and live in the area it might be best to leave your house early or try to avoid the road all together. [music] >> a live look outside for our roof camera, downtown san francisco is mostly sunny. the fog will return
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this evening to the coast and the bayshores overnight. tomorrow morning, another round of that fog and warm again for friday afternoon. here is a look at where the fog is sitting right now. a few breaks especially in the north bay but it is pushing in over san francisco right now. as for our current conditions, temperatures close to the coastline are a little cooler but hot in the inland valleys. 85 los gatos, and 80 in san jose. as we head into tomorrow the temperatures will remain similar to what we see today. compared to average, we will be catch, or above average for tomorrow afternoon. san francisco and livermore ride on the market, but five degrees above where we should be in palo alto. we will see cooling into the weekend i will have details coming up.
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>> in california news, a warm and missed a--mistook a gun for a cigarette lighter and she accidentally fired it wounding her daughter. the bullet ricocheted off the ground and hit the young girl she was rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. >> it looked like a lighter, and she said it was a lighter, we went to pick it up and i grabbed it, it did not like. so, when we were going to give it to my friend after knocking on her door it went off and we did not know. >> the girl has been released from hospital but as you can see here the bullet is still in her arm, the police are investigating. let us check traffic, the could the golden gate bridge, the fog beginning to roll in. and at the bottom of your screen, south bound 1 01 traffic is not to that medium speed, slow in some spots. the top
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is the traffic headed towards the lower deck of the bay bridge and that is pretty slow. we will be right back. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> south korea is dealing with its heaviest rains in a century. the torrential downpours are up to 57, people are still being evacuated that is a part of what you are seeing here. hundreds of homes have been destroyed, mass of rainfall since tuesday. it has fled the subways, submerged streets and forced businesses to close. this is a high-speed train trash with 39 people died. the chinese president said part of the problem was a design flaw in the signal equipment. now in oslo, there is a sea of flowers covering a street to remember the norway attack victims. there was a memorial service today. this
5:41 pm
is an amateur video of that these are the paramedics responded to both attacks. an emergency terror meeting today, europeans are asking whether authorities have neglected the threat of right-wing extremists and their push to crack down on a islamic terrorist group. now a senior judge says that he will start by looking into whether the country needs tougher media regulation. this is james and rupert murdoch they were test --testifying before parliament. >> a look at our extended forecast, warmer weather sticking with us for the next couple of days the we will cool down through the weekend and into next week i will tell you all about it coming up.
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>> the dow lost 62 points and the nasdaq one did gain one point. now you say the first loser is stocked rob? who >> and it is all due to debt. we saw some unemployment claims come out today a little better than expected, and but for instance, i saw some of the data inside of the data and something that i want to know is that lawmakers are starting to talk about the interest tax deductions from your mortgage, they are thinking about writing it out. i ultimately support that in large part, because if you are renting and i and moaning i get a large tax cut of that that you do not get. we are so desperate. what was once a sacred cow, people are now starting to talk about >> do you think it will go away? >> i think it will in 5, to
5:46 pm
10 years. the whole idea is that it was to encourage home ownership and now we're saturated with it. and >> now a winner is exxon you say they love libya and china how. >> of oil has pushed up to the $9,500 level. exxon reported a $10 million quarter for the last 90 days i was so my mother for $10.7 billion in the last 90 days. they will buyback 1 billion- plus dollars of their shares. it was not the best quarter, it was their second-best quarter ever but not with the expected. long story short i would be a buyer of exxon. >> and the winter, you say is us, those of us that like movies. >> yes, amazon made a deal today with universal they
5:47 pm
will start streaming some of their movies, that gives them 8000 movies and tv shows now. it is a $79 per year service to get streaming on amazon and your tv but if you break that down to 10 months, that is less than about $6 per month or $7 per month a lot cheaper than the services that netflix and hulu offering in the end, we are winners because we are getting more services for less. and now can tell comcast's i do not care for you any more with your $60 to $100 programming deal. >> and now another winner is jet blew or those that like air travel. >> i like the alternative flying times after the summer into the christmas season and holiday season, for $1,299.4019 it hundred $99 you get unlimited travel project blue, if you are a business traveler then that makes a lot of sense.
5:48 pm
>> remember that used to do that with the passes that your parents could get in they had traveled all you want for a month anyway, they're doing something. >> it is very cool. >> you want to mention your facebook? and >> know. >> jacqueline... >> we have a live look right now and san mateo current conditions are 72 degrees in san mateo, 65 this evening pretty pleasant but it will start to get a little more breezy. 56 tomorrow morning and another warm day tomorrow as 78 degrees. a look at what you can expect tonight and tomorrow same throughout the bay area coastal fog right now heating up and down the coastline. that will continue into the overnight hour. sunny and warm conditions again for tomorrow, temperatures reaching into the low 90s in
5:49 pm
a few spots. let us take a look at that fog tomorrow morning as you head out the door. pushing back to san francisco by the 10:00 hour and then up and down the coast line through the afternoon but we could see a few more breaks out there tomorrow afternoon than what we saw today. this strip of blue is indicating that the fog will push right back off the shore. now another warm day. up in the north bay, temperatures in the '70s and '80s, take a look. >> take a look at temperatures compared to average, we are right at average tomorrow a couple of places are a little over. livermore is right on the mark, two degrees above where we should be in san
5:50 pm
jose, several degrees above average in hayward. the nice warm weather stick with us for the next couple of days. will cool down into saturday and continue cooling trend into sunday as well. monday and tuesday there is no fog expected but it will return for the rest of the bay area into wednesday and thursday. >> the car most beltran era is under way. we're getting our first look at him the giants traded for the former mets right fielder, beltran is batting and wearing no. 15 out bruce bochie's #or his old number, well, bochie agreed to give his number to his new slugger saying that it was nothing
5:51 pm
that a row leaks could not fixed. >> i told him that i needed a watch, i was joking around yesterday. i mean it is good to see the number 15 out there running around it has been on the bench long enough. i have no problem with it. >> i am looking forward to going out there and being a part of what they are the half. i do not feel like i have to do anything different, i to have to come to the ballpark everyday and do my routine like i normally do and play hard and do the best that i can. >> beltran becomes the giants' best hitter, check out the defense. a little bit of an awkward catch, but beltran was not injured. imagine that, his first game and gets injured, but he did not. the giants lead the phillies 2 to nothing. coming up later in sports, we will have all the updates
5:52 pm
at 6:00 p.m.. >> take a look at traffic in these bay. this is our walnut creek camera. the headlights are north bound you can see all directions, is like a parking lot was very heavy traffic quite a different story, san jose highway 101 at the bottle the overpass all lanes moving well in all directions we will be back with more news ahead.
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>> there are signs all around parking lots at like this one which reads, warning, pay the meter only. or this one, remember your stall number and pay machine it is in big bold letters. or this sign, now for several years con artists have exploited a flawe. it is simple, they pretend to be a
5:56 pm
parking attendant and asked the driver usually a tourist for money for parking. when they get your money, they split, and then he returned your car to find a ticket. many people are getting caught up in this including a former san francisco mayor. he stopped her for lunch, paid the parking attendant, but to find out that the parking attendant was a fake, but the parking ticket that he received was not. one man was arrested 14 times for this same offense. but he keeps coming back. this is a store that i will follow very closely if i catch someone in the act and i will, you will be the first to see it. >> you may want to think twice before taking a robe or towel from a hotel, they're using new technology to track their land. this
5:57 pm
company it is helping hotels to track their linens. the price of cotton keeps rising and that means it's more expensive for hotels. tune in to my tech report tonight and i will tell you all about it. >> still ahead, she is accused of attacking and stealing from jeopardy host alex trebek. why officials say that a southern california block party turned into a right. >> high tech meets hollywood, this youtube movie that was made by regular people who shot and up loaded videos to youtube is hitting theaters this week. i will give you a sneak peek coming up to my tech report. >> a live look outside over downtown san francisco we have patchy low clouds pushing into the city. warm weather tomorrow i would have a full forecast coming up.
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car >> a bay area woman is now a widow, she is shedding tears for the man that she loved who was gunned down while feeding the homeless. she opens up to us tonight in tells us how it felt to have a family at gunpoint.
6:01 pm
>> i was thinking to myself or my god, they came back to see if they had finished us off and i just knew we were all dead. >> he left and he was my only friend. that was the only friend i had. my husband. >> that is how lolita pow ell describes her husband, he was killed by eight gunmen as she says she does not know why anyone would want to hurt her husband. >> he had no enemies, no criminal record, no drug activity no gang activity, me and my husband for almost three years have been active in our community, we have a nonprofit foundation that is our ministry, we advocate for domestic violence victims we also prepare hot meals and
6:02 pm
deliver them to the homeless five nights a week. we take the same routes. people know very well, this night was like any other night. >> she says her two children into a tagging along with her and paris to help pass out food to the homeless. >> my mother used to watch them and now we started taking them with us, i told my husband wishes are going a little earlier because it is not cool to be in the streets at late night with the babies. this particular night he said let's go, it will be good fresh air i said o.k. let's go. and never thought this would happen, the ministry was going very well. i do not know who, or why this happened or who could've done it. but it was not supposed to happen. >> to view the entire interview with the slain minister's wife, go to our facebook fan page for more. and other airline incident involving a pilot and passengers, this time police say an american airlines
6:03 pm
pilot is attacked by two brothers when he attempts to remove one of them from the plane. the incident happened at miami international on wednesday night as the flight prepared to depart for san francisco. passengers who made it to as a goal shared their firsthand accounts of the alleged assault on their pilot. >> we knew the guys were weird, because they were acting funny and talking weird, and they just look different. >> we left to go to take off and the pilot brought the plane back. >> as they got through the side door there, one of them actually struck the pilot right in his face. >> that is when the captain backed up and all the other guys from the airplane started getting in on it. >> these guys just went berserk. >> the guys along with myself that went to the front to help out with the situation waited to see what was going to happen. he
6:04 pm
struck the officer again and then struck one of the ladies there again so we followed them out. >> the guy just lost it. i mean the guy that was ill just walked up to the captain and he just thepow he slapped him really hard and we were just amazed that this would happen. >> they were pretty rough looking. >> they should call century right away and they try to handle it themselves thinking that these guys would get off but they had a big confrontation. >> the whole side of the captain's face was bruised and bloody the guy eyes and tried to i sit down with those two guys had him down on the ground and they were beating the crap out of him. and >> brothers jonathan baez and luis baez are being held for attacking that pilot wednesday night. these other pictures. jonathan baez was the man that was first asked to leave the plane.
6:05 pm
witnesses say that his brother luis baez threatened the pilot by saying that he would have him killed. now a six year-old girl and her father were rescued right before drowning last night in san jose. a neighbor helped a friend perform cpr on the victims the san jose fire department says that the quick thinking of the people involved especially their friend who was first on the scene is the reason the victims were alive. >> it could've been a complete outcome might --completely different outcome, i do not know how long they were at the bottom of the pool. being a rescue or myself, i suppose he was in his swim trunks but to be able to go down and get a full-size man, the child be easier, but to be able to pull out
6:06 pm
the man, and bring him back it was an amazing feat. had he not been there and got to the bottom of the pool and pull them out, they were not be here today. >> both the father and daughter were treated at a nearby hospital and released. now the gun into a police involved shooting has been recovered. the san francisco police say that the gun that can harding used to shoot and kill himself is now in their custody officers say bay view resident helped to lead them to the weapon. police say that officers shot at him after harding fired at them. >> this is a look over downtown san francisco, low clouds pushing in over the state. --over the city. a look at our satellite pictures showed the fog
6:07 pm
hugging the coastline. moving over the hills and over san francisco. you have another sunday afternoon on tap, take a look at the current conditions, temperatures are cool closer to the coastline. in the inland valleys, it is still pretty mouth, warmer in places like antioch, 91 degrees there. we have '60s and '70s for the bayshores right now. here is what you can expect out there for tonight into tomorrow. by noon, the fog will push back to the coastline and we should see little more sun. by 4:00 p.m. it will be a little bit warmer. let us get a check on the temperatures starting in the morning first, a spread of fifties and low '60's in the 7:00 a.m. hour. warming up
6:08 pm
fairly quickly into the noon hour, 83 already in fairfield and livermore. we will warm up to the 80's and 90's tomorrow afternoon but will cool down for the weekend i will have details coming up and we will be back after this.
6:09 pm
6:10 pm
6:11 pm
>> pg&e started digging up a pipe that exploded last year. it was installed in 1948 but has been inactive since 1956. the decommissioned pipe is being built up in part of the investigation to what caused the blast that killed eight people, injured dozens more and destroyed 38 homes. the woman accused of burglarizing alex trebek hotel room made her first appearance in court they say that she was still in items from the room while he and
6:12 pm
his wife were asleep, she woke up--he woke up and she was leaving that is when he chased her down the hall rupturing his achilles' tendon. a proposed ban on circumcision in san francisco will be removed from the ballot in november. a san francisco superior court judge ruled that the measure is pre-empted by a state law the judge said that it will violate the first amendment, the city's department of elections and has been ordered to remove that measure immediately. another measure remove from the ballot will have changed the san francisco care not cash program offers a bit to people who are homeless. the proposal would have eliminated the bed in the homeless shelter. with the measure now off the ballot the group that supported is said they will try again next year. we will be right back with much more news to come.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> a rally for the california dream act was held today. the crowd is trying to the second part of the extreme act that is known as assembly bill 131 approved. it will give an undocumented students access to some financial aid. earlier this week gov. jerry brown signed a first bill of the act which is known as a be 130, they give students a chance to receive scholarships but it does not create a pass to citizenship. things got out of hand when the police tried to break up an unsanctioned block party outside of a movie screening in hollywood several people ended up getting arrested. authorities say that wednesday's documentary film screening was invitation only the hundreds of people gather nearby on hollywood boulevard for a deed to a block party. they say the dj did not have a permit for his party so they ordered the crowd to disperse, but many refused started fighting and throwing bottles. some people jump on
6:17 pm
police cars, smashed windows, officers in riot gear used beanbag guns to subdue the crowd. and this cold front was in need of a tow today after a smash in front of a las angeles restaurant. a few people were hurt, the tow truck was carrying a pickup truck on its bed. right now the officials do not know what caused the accident. [music] >> a live look outside in san jose, skies and warm temperatures still warmer side right now san jose at 76 degrees. this evening will be very nice in the low '70s as we head out the door tomorrow very mild and hitting a high of 86 tomorrow. warm weather for tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at our high temperatures from today, 82 was the high in san jose, low nineties for the inland valleys. 64 and san francisco, 65 half moon bay.
6:18 pm
the warm weather will continue with us for tomorrow. we will cool down little saturday and into sunday. tomorrow we will start with the fog that we had today. when to saturday, a little less fog and temperatures cooling down a little bit. take a look at the fog around the bay tomorrow morning. for the north bay pretty much full of fog but clearing off very quickly by 10:00 a.m.. it looks like the fog will cling to the coastline and the later afternoon hours tomorrow. we could see some sun towards the evening. now here's a look at temperatures around the bay area tomorrow 80's and 90's for the south bay. also mainly in the '90s for the inland valleys. a little
6:19 pm
more comfortable for the east bayshores, '70s and '80s for the most part. as for san francisco, it is 69 degrees there, 70 in san mateo and 85 in redwood city. the coastline this day a little bit cooler that is thanks to the fog. we are mainly in the 80's in the north bay, but at 93 degrees in fairfield. take a look at temperatures compared to the average temperatures. we saw some of these temperature readings all the way throughout the bay area tomorrow. they will be at or above average tomorrow afternoon. san francisco in livermore are just at the average temperatures. again, we will start to cool down saturday and sunday, so the temperatures will be at, or slightly below average by the time we hit sunday. into
6:20 pm
monday and tuesday little less fog on tap. >> heavy rains in northwestern illinois prompting forecasters to issue flash flood warnings to the emergency crew is conducted water rescues through the night. the national weather service says up to 10 in. of rain has fallen in that region and looked like the wet weather will stick around flash flood warnings remain in effect for several counties. there is a new waterfront property near lansing michigan lookit this video, flooding caused major problems at a mobile home park in fact some people had to use boats to get around. the water is waist high in some areas residence say that flooding like this has happened there before. >> if you want to keep up with the latest news, become a fan on facebook and be
6:21 pm
sure to follow us on twittered. you will receive constant updates on the stories that we're working on during the day. also count on our tweets for the latest details, where the forecast and traffic updates. if there is breaking news in your neighborhood be sure to send us a comment, picture, or video.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> high tech meets hollywood. the youtube movie life in the day is hitting theaters this friday. this massive project is something that has not been done before. they could not been done before now because technology has allowed this. this shows that youtube has really changed our world and hollywood is using that to their advantage. recruiting regular people this is a real hollywood movie that was created by using real highly--youtube videos produced by real people. they ask them to shoot something on july 24, 2010
6:25 pm
that has of the to do with their life, the only rule was that had to the shot on that day. it is ready for its debut on the big screen, over 80,000 videos were sent in over 45 under hours of footage for the filmmakers to go through. it is a 90 minute documentary about what a day on earth is like. it is in every continent and almost every country. amazing inspiring stories as of a sad and dramatic stories. you get a unique look at other cultures. this conserve as a time capsule for future generations. i got to see a sneak peek, i know it sounds boring a movie comprised of you to videos but the with the edited it and the music that the added was a good experience. it can serve as a time capsule for future generations, here is what the director and the editor had to say about making the movie the >> after one day of seem like 200 clips, five, or six hours of material you feel
6:26 pm
like slightly how a therapist might fill at the end of the day when people have been sort of, you know gorging in less strong feelings and personal information in your left exhausted. >> to your ordinary people express those very basic emotions and ideas it is really powerful and very direct. >> for more information on the movie life in a day, logged on to kron4 got, and look for my tech page. >> today on our facebook fan page a lot of the viewers were talking about a california superior decision to remove a circumcision banned from the sense is of valid. check out the comments of the day. the >> do you agree or disagree with the comet, we like to know visit the kron4 facebook fan page to leave
6:27 pm
your thoughts. stay with us, kron4 news at 6:30 p.m. coming up next. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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6:29 pm
>> we are here with family and friends of paris john powell, he was gunned down while feeding the homeless in east oakland. >> he was a good guy, he did not bother anybody. >> i would've given my life for him if i could if i had been there i would've taken the bullet. >> all of us are so upset that an innocent life was taken. he was just in innocent and kind and giving person. >> and san francisco, new evidence was released in the can harding case. he's the man that was shot and killed when he ran from officers almost two weeks ago in the bayview district of town. on thursday
6:30 pm
officers announced a scientifically link to the bullet that was found inside his head to the non police officer gun that was found on the scene. basically linking the bullet in his head to the gun that they believe that he had. >> in san jose, a six year- old girl and her father was saved from drowning in this school on wednesday night. san jose fire says that the victim's friend jumped in and pull them out from where there were found at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. another resident of the complex and drums her the fan's and help to revive the girl as the other man performed cpr on the father. both victims were treated at a local hospital and are now back at home. >> in oakland, the metropolitan transportation commission has been in this building for close to 30 years, but on wednesday voted to buy a building in san francisco. it will cost $105 million and it will be paid for with toll funds. it could be an extra 75 million to fix it up. a spokesperson
6:31 pm
with the company told me that this was a better financial option than the other side in oakland that have not been built yet, they're expected to move in 2012. >> and san francisco the woman that is accused of burglarizing alex trebek hotel room earlier this week and her first appearance in court. she appeared in court with orange jail room attire and walking with a live, she is being charged with burglary and possession of stolen property she may have a three strikes and sentence if convicted. she was in jail two separate times for burglary she will be back in court on monday morning. >> here in san francisco, the city's america's cup plans may have hit a snag, a permit applications submitted to the regional
6:32 pm
quality control board has been temporarily denied. they want support to provide more details on how the event will impact water quality in the bay and what organizers are the face of the type of seaweed from being spread around by construction projects and visiting boats. the court says that they're working to develop a more detailed plan. >> as you may want to think twice before taking a role or towel from a hotel, hotels are starting to use high technology to track their linens. and miami tech company has developed rid for chips that can be sewn into linen, they traffic locations. if there linens, missing the hotel will know they lose between five and 20 percent of towels, sheets and robots per month with cotton becoming more expensive, they have more to lose. >> are big weather story
6:33 pm
tonight the warm weather continues into tomorrow, today high temperatures in the '70s and '80s but we saw some nineties out in the inland valleys. take a look at high temperatures around the bay area tomorrow. 83 in sunnyvale, 90 in campbell, 91 of los gatos. up into the inland valleys a lot more '90s out there tomorrow. into the east bayshores, '70s for the most part. 69 for san francisco and '70s and '80s it down the peninsula. cooler for the coast because of fog is expected to stick their. now in the upper 80s in the
6:34 pm
north bay. the temperatures will start to cool down saturday and sunday and into monday. as we head toward the middle of next week, the fog will return. >> gainers proposal has been delayed until later tonight comes just five days before the of this second deadline when the u.s. may face a default. but critics of this plan say that it is not the answer. in a live reports from washington on what is next. >> up bay near his bill to raise the debt ceiling is set to go to a vote today. he says it is not perfect but fair. >> let us pass the bill and in the crisis. >> the congressional budget office says that the plan will cut spending by... >> house democratic leaders oppose the bill. >> this bill will not pass.
6:35 pm
>> tea party backed conservatives say the then does not go far enough. he needs it least 217 republicans to pass the bill, >> we are here today to demonstrate our support for speaker boehner which we believe is the right thing to do. >> the senate vows to take up the bill immediately but not to move on to the white house. >> as soon as the house completes its vote, the senate will move to take up that message that they sent to us, it will be defeated. >> we need to get beyond voting on debt on arrival measures because we only have a few days left. >> if all goes as predicted one of the primary plan is left to address the debt ceiling will go nowhere. a day that speaker boehner began with this caught >> a zip-a ddee do da day
6:36 pm
. >> this all may end with molopo solutions--with no solution. >> under root now from up here you can have million- dollar views of the entire city including the san francisco city hall. but all this grand living in wonderful view comes at a cost. some people say it is what is happening the -- below right outside of the brand building. tonight on kron4 news i will take you on a sobering view in the next edition of people behaving badly.
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
>> we are getting our first look at christopher's schwarzenegger since the
6:40 pm
boogie boarding accident that put him in the hospital. pauperizing caught the teen and his mom leaving a restaurant in beverly hills after having dinner with oakland winfrey last night. the 13 year-old was released from the hospital just a few days ago after reportedly suffering a collapsed lung in several broken bones in an accident. scarlett joe hansen is the latest celebrity to score and invite to the marine corps ball sergeant justin williams posted this video asking her to be his day, she said she was incredibly honored to be invited to to prior commitments she would not be able to attend she will be sending him in case of champagne and raise a glass to williams and all those in the marine corps past and present. amy winehouse left a treasure trove of unreleased music behind, but they say no decision has been made on whether or not it will be released. 27 year-old singer who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction was found
6:41 pm
dead in her london home on saturday. despite their recent split, kat will not be read moving a huge stack to upper jesse from pearl river page, you can see right there. it is a picture of a james when he was in the fifth grade. >> meet a man who played in the first and only season of professional baseball and israel. we have highlights of carl's beltran first game.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
couple of strikeouts. now, pablo takes one the opposite way, 10 home runs is one to nothing in the second, bottom of the third a couple on. and him settle things down. beltran on the run, he makes the play in right field. that is a pretty nice catch. now in the seventh,a bobbled ball 2 runs come in to score, and the giants will take a four to nothing leave as stuart slides in safe. how about that, the other big story line, is beltran here for the short state or the long run? >> i am not thinking about
6:46 pm
free agency right now i'm just thinking about trying to finish the season strong and try to help the team win ball games. >> to have one of the players in the game and offensive player, it just makes sense for us. and it is a great fit. >> last night, the a's scored 13 runs, and today is not enough. joe man was looking at a three nothing deficit in the first,, jackson had a to run shot, the a's went out the lead five to nothing in the first. but, in the seventh, five runs already across and the rays are looking for more. eighth to run blast by evan and korea--evan longoria. now the oakland raiders here they were this
6:47 pm
afternoon in napa of going to the usual training camp trails. there is the new coach hugh jackson who is watching it all in taking it all in. throwing these passes his quarterback. the question was asked, coach, where's your quarterback? >> you did not ask me that question. he did not ask that question out today does anybody not know the starting quarterback is of the raiders? does he wear no. 8 in his name is jason campbell is the starting quarterback of the raiders. but in any other questions? >> a lot of nfl ballers were on the move, they signed are chad ocho cin co for the patriots. now
6:48 pm
another also headed to the patriots he had a few forgettable years haynesworth but all of that is behind him now because he is wearing the uniform for the patriots. now eric cobble signed a $5.63 million deal. he got 20 million just of fraud for signing his name. michael bush or ice did say reggie bush, no relation to michael, he is on his way. he will carry the rock for the miami dolphins. i do not know how much he will carry the rock there, but he is out of a big easy and he is
6:49 pm
taking his talents to south florida. soccer, a u.s. coach is out, bob rally was fired today led the stars and stripes for the past five seasons but had a poor showing in the 2006 world cup and the 2010 world cup. he did enjoy some success, but apparently they felt we need to go on a different direction. it was time for a change, so bradley is out. now i will drop the seniors u.s. open on you. how about they shot. how your >> olan brown is your leader. now it is just as easy as that. brown leaves the tournament at seven under par. ok, when we come
6:50 pm
back i am holding an actual baseball jersey that you can only get in israel. you can only get it right there. we will meet the man that belongs to this jersey keys from the university of hawaii it is overseas pro ball. he has a terrific book to account for his success. >ú it's really delicious, mom.
6:51 pm
it's not too well done?
6:52 pm
nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> let us get to know aron, a teacher and coach in iran, but before that he started with the why rainbows and then it was with dean talvaviv baseball league
6:54 pm
in this of the book that he wrote. the story of the first and only seasoned in the israel baseball league. what in the world would make you take your talents as they would say, to israel to play ball. >> i was retired i was on my second career i've been out of baseball for about three years and my coach of the white told me that they were forming this lead any israel and i thought why not let me give it a try. and >> now not exactly the major league baseball, it even collegiate, there was a light pole and one of the out fills? >> a light pole in the middle fills, they did not want anyone to get hurt, so they don't take an actress around it. it was a softball field but they had to move the fence for baseball, and as of now it was midway through the grass. >> now before we get to the videotape we were talking off-camera during a
6:55 pm
commercial break. we just got a highlights with chase utley you gave of a home run to him? >> of it was right out of high school i was playing or ucla. i threw a maker of ball and he reacted to the right. it was kind of like welcome to division one baseball. >> now we show you puncheon thousand guys on the mound for white. now your journey to a different turn, you did not get drafted you actually played with the sonoma county crushers, you went around like a ball and played in france just like the fire in the belly. >> actually underplayed for kevin mitchell for sonoma, and i play one year in the south and i thought why not france if i play one more. that was it, i decided to teach in three years later i was in israel. >> this book is kind leads
6:56 pm
--reads like bullderum. not that you had a crash davis kevin costner thing, we had a romance. >> i did, tall and slender and at the end of the summer i had to choose between baseball and a teaching and yet, all of that is in there as well. >> my favorite was the love chapter. dr. ruth west timer making an appearance at the game. >> yes, i am warning of a sideline. the announcer this blonde woman and they say now ladies and gentlemen roost, the sex doctor i am trying to get focused and she throws out the first pitch, it is sixth or any
6:57 pm
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will maria give her first post-split interview to oprah? i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> "the insider" is on. >> oprah, i love you. >> maria and oprah together at dinner. >> shriver scrambles with her son on the mend and still wearing his hospital i.d. bracelet. >> chris, you feel good? >> did his mom and lady "o" unite to take maria's post-scandal tell-all? >> looks like the interview will go on oprah winfrey's own network. >> kirstie's showdown. >> i did make jokes about the weight. >> you did? i have a few. >> wait a minute. >> anderson cooper dodging manhattan traffic on a bike. >> definitely dangerous sometimes. >> and -- >> gaga's tv breakdown, did she just get violent? >> then --


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